Brunswick Apartments



Brunswick Apartments  are a student  accommodation block consisting of a 3 floor podium building and a tower block, spanning 11 habitable floors in total.
The podium flat roof and tower block curtain wall window system has suffered residual leakage for many years, which was causing the inhabitation of various rooms. Our remit was to return all rooms back to normal occupation.

Access was gained to the podium roof via a fixed scaffolding, to alleviate the necessity to wrap the tower block in scaffold, we decided to access the curtain wall window systems from temporary cradles, which travelled the full height of the building.

The podium roof had a series of solar panels situated on it,  these were removed and set to one side (for re-instatement on completion), this allowed the existing green roof to be removed and disposed.

The next course of action was to install a Prokol Pure Polyurea & Polyurethane liquid coating to the flat roof area, this system on completion provided our client with a 50 year warranty.

While the works were being carried out our team of sealant engineers, began sealing the external curtain wall window system with mastic sealant, working on one drop at a time.

During the course of our works, it was identified that the entire building did not have any fire strategy in place and a majority of the fire stopping was either missing of totally non compliant, this also included the lack of fire stopping behind all door architraves. Initially we carried out a full photographic survey, which identified all areas that required remedial action.

The planned re-instatement of the fire stopping took place, which required access to all apartments and communal areas. On completion a full photographic report was made available to the client, via an on line portal.

As previously mention various rooms had become unhabitable, due to water damage. Redbridge carried out the refurbishment of all damaged rooms, inclusive of laying new flooring and redecoration on completion.

Description of all Works Carried Out:

  • Installation of scaffolding and cradles
  • Removal and replacement of new “Green Roof”
  • Remove and re-install solar panels / install new inverter
  • Install Prokol System to podium roof
  • Remove existing mastic and re-seal all curtain wall glazing
  • Replace missing rivets to curtain walling
  • Supply and replace broken high level windows
  • Carry out fire stopping survey of entire building
  • Install and replace all fire stopping to third party accredited standards
  • Carry out the refurbishment of water damaged rooms

Conclusion  / Key Achievements:

During the course of the project, additional works were added, which ended up with the contract tripling in size.

Redbridge carried out all additional works to aid a smooth transition in completing the total project in a timely fashion and with the least disruption to the residents.

Brunswick Apartments

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