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Babraham, Cambridge

Project Description

We were awarded the contract to demolish a redundant laboratory facility situated on the Babraham Research Campus. The demolition works needed to be completed within a tight time frame & more importantly within a highly vibration & noise sensitive area of the campus. The first phase of the works involved the removal of notifiable asbestos, which we undertook utilizing our licensed asbestos removal division. The second
phase involved the lifting off heavy air conditioning & handling units from the roof, which we undertook using by our own in house appointed lifting person, who wrote up the lifting plans & oversaw the crane lift. The third phase involved the management of repurposing the laboratory equipment that was still contained within the building & finding new homes for these items – the air conditioning & air handling units were resold & all the laboratory equipment was sold off to other research facilities across the country. The building was then stripped clean of all general
waste, fixtures & fittings & combustible materials, leaving only the steel & concrete structure ready for the main demolition.

The fourth phase involved the main demolition of the structure, this phase had to be undertaken under a strictly controlled time schedule due to the vibration &noise sensitivity of the location & the adjacent research laboratories

Scope of work

The area was extremely noise & vibration sensitive & there were numerous exhibitions & lectures occurring almost on a daily basis. Further to this the research campus had a very strict security regime that needed to be followed in order to accept visitors, plant &
equipment deliveries. This was also the case for waste removal which also had to go through stringent checks.

Project Gallery

Key Achievements

A consistent & meticulous client liaison approach was necessary to ensure that all stakeholders were kept constantly updated on our hour by hour & day by day program of works & emergency contingency planning. Dirt, dust and noise is always an issue on active demolition sites, and Redbridge Construction Ltd are particularly mindful of these types of issues however it was suggested to our client that we would install noise
& vibration monitors to the adjacent buildings in order to better monitor our heavier demolition works – the monitors helped our demolition team & the campus facilities management team schedule appropriate time for us to undertake our works & thus enabled us to achieve our works with the specified contractual & programme constraints. All work was followed in strict accordance to the risk assessments & method statements (RAMS) & in line with the rules & regulations set out for working in & around Asbestos removal.

Redbridge Construction Ltd have carried out all works in compliance to our Health & Safety & Environmental Policies and in accordance with current legislation, which leads to &/or will lead to successful

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