Redbridge Group

Corsham Street London

Project Description

The works involve the demolition of an existing office
building, Satellite House, to enable the construction
of new hotel development.
The building comprises five stories above a
semi-buried ground floor. The Building dates from
approximately the 1960’s. The building is a concrete
frame clad in masonry, and is subdivided by a
lift/stair core and shear walls.
The scope of demolition comprises of the following:
1. Asbestos survey
2. Establish site compound
3. Investigate and verify all existing services
4. Modify existing services required to establish
works demise
5. Establish and hoard off works demise.
6. Remove asbestos
7. Alter services
8. Carry out soft strip
9. Scaffold outside
10. Waterproof neighboring buildings where
11. Remove cladding
12. Demolish structures
13. Remove existing foundations and partial
Pedestrian access is via Corsham Street,
restricted parking on site is via Corsham Street.
The site is located on the corner of Bache’s Street
and Corsham Street.
All identified asbestos removed as per R&D survey

Scope of work

Challenges Faced:
Adjacent building in close proximity to the building being demolished, a party wall agreement had to be
reached to erect scaffolding to protect the building.
Close to local residence and businesses.
Suspended parking bays for loading out as no vehicles had available access to the site.

How we overcome this:
Scaffolding was erected to protect the building.
Controlled noise and vibration levels by working to restricted hours in line with the voluntary section 60.
Applied to the council for parking bay suspension 7 day prior to demolition.
Also had to apply for a license for the loading gantry

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Key Achievements

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