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Glaxo HQ Harlow

Project Description

The main existing building is of steel and concrete frame construction with concrete/steel floors and walls with curtain walling infill. Internal partitions are a mixture of solid concrete, blockwork and system partitions. The building was constructed circa 1995’s and has been used for pharmaceutical research, development, testing and small batch (trial) manufacturing. The building currently has a full fire sprinkler system so has no fire stopping between floors or adjacent areas. The building is one fire
compartment. Works comprise of the strip out of 3 levels of office and labs, 2 high levels of processing plant and equipment
plus the strip out of basements, mezzanine floors and 8 large risers.

Scope of work

Challenges Faced:
One of the key challenges was to find enough routes out of the building so we can ensure we are on target
with the programme. To this end existing risers were stripped out and used as internal concrete chutes and
two external hoists were installed. The external envelope of the building comprises of an integral curtain wall system. This could not be dismantled or damaged in any way. Specialist teams were used to strip the perimeter bays and a mobile timber screen was used to protect the perimeter. A similar challenge at roof level was faced as the envelope of the roof could not be disturbed. Risers
were stripped out and lower-level plant and equipment was removed to create space to enable larger elements to be tackled.

Project Gallery

Key Achievements

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