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Mill House, Ripley

Project Description

We believe the main reason for the leaking roof was the original depth and fall of the drainage channel. The original channel was only 25mm deep, which overflowed when the water could not be dispersed quick enough around the base of the dome and eventually found its way into the property.

As previously mentioned, various repairs were carried out, but none actually corrected the problem. Large amounts of silicone were also used to try and seal the dome glass, which ended up causing a condensation problem due to poor air flow. Our main purpose was to eradicate the leak- ing roof and carry out the remedial works to the internal ceiling area of the property.

The first process was to try and determine the exact extent of the internal damage, by removing some of the lathe and plaster ceiling. Prior to carrying out the works, the internal décor was protected with polythene sheeting. Unfortu- nately, the opening works highlighted quite severe damage to the structural woodwork of the roof and the deck above.

Access to the roof was gained via fixed scaffolding, to ena- ble the external works to be carried out. The dome was removed, due to the structure not being self supporting all the glazing required to be removed. The original lead cov- ering was removed the roof was re-instated to include ad- justing the height and channel falls. The roof was then re- leaded using code 6 lead sheet. The dome was fully refur- bished and re-instated. The internal works commenced with the structural timber being replaced. The ceiling was then repaired using lime plaster, secured onto new lathes. The area was then decorated to return the landing area back to its former glory.

Scope of work

• Installation of external scaffolding
• Protect area and remove existing ceiling coverings
• Remove rotten internal timber
• Carry out wet rot treatment to remainder of timber
• Replace removed internal timber joists and level ceiling
• Install timber lathes to ceiling area
• Remove glass and framework of external dome
• Remove existing external lead and rotten deck boards
• Replace deck boards and install new channel and falls
• Install new code 6 lead, to include bossing and welding
• Remove and replace damaged slate roof tiles
• Re-instate dome frame and replace glazing
• Lathe and plaster internal ceiling
• Carry out the internal decoration of landing
• French polish handrail and hallway floor

Project Gallery

Key Achievements

Redbridge carried out all works to restore the property back to its formal glory and supplied the client peace of mind with a labour and material warranty for all the works carried out.

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