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Old Mecca Bingo

Project Description

The site was the ‘Old Mecca Bingo Hall’ located on 211-227 Hackney Road, London E2 8JP. The building consisted of a steel framed with external masonry walls and elements of reinforced concrete (some load bearing).

Our instructions were to the demolish the building to ground level and remove ground floor slab and footings whilst retaining basement perimeter walls; followed by backfilling all excavations with crushed material. All arisings were crushed on site and cleared from site.

The site was located in a busy area of Shoreditch and was bounded by three roads Hackney Road, Dawson Street and Scafwell Street. There were also two neighboring properties; a three storey semi-detached house and a 4 storey block of flats.

Scope of work

Challenges Faced:
Being in a busy area the logistics of removing wasteproved a challenge. It also meant dust suppression was of upmost importance as was keeping noisy works within the strict time schedule.

How we overcome this:
In order that pedestrians were kept safe during vehicle movements into and out of site, traffic marshals were used at all times to coordinate vehicle movements. Dust created from the works was kept under control using fine water spray. Noise and vibrations were monitored and recorded in the site file to ensure the time schedule was adhered to.

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Key Achievements

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