Redbridge Group

The Registry, Portsmouth

Project Description

During high winds the end gable wall of the building col- lapsed, which was caused the inhabitation of various rooms. Our remit was to rebuild the wall, including the replacing of all damaged stone work and return all rooms back to normal occupation.

On investigation, it appears that the design life of the building had become exceeded, with additional detri- mental effects caused by tarnished / de-bonded and a lack of strapping back to main structure, following the recent construction works.

Access was gained to the wall via fixed scaffolding, tempo- rary protection was installed to try and keep the rooms / structure safe and alleviate from any further water dam- age.

Following confirmation a specific brick was chosen and the plan was to try and replicate the missing stone work. This was carried out by reproducing the existing damage pieces of stone, by providing drawings and constructing timber and block work templates, to enable our stone mason to reproduce the original sandstone items.

The first course of action was to block up the internal wall and lay Michelmersh Farnham red bricks to the external wall, additional ties were added, which were accessed from the flats.

There were a number of broken roof slates, which we re- placed prior to installing new lead work.

On completion of all brick work the newly manufactured edge, corner and coping stones were installed to complete the all external works. All internal decorations and repairs were then carried out to finalise the project.

Scope of work

• Installation of external scaffolding
• Installation of new supporting steel work
• Rebuild internal block work wall
• Rebuild external brick work in Michelmersh red bricks
• Access rooms / loft space to install new ties and strapping
• Template and supply new stone work
• Replace damaged and missing edge and corner stones
• Install new lead work to roof
• Replace missing and damaged coping stones
• Supply and replace broken high level windows
• Carry out the decoration and repairs to the affected rooms

Project Gallery

Key Achievements

The works were successfully completed to the satisfaction of the conservation officer.

Redbridge carried out all the works to aid a smooth transition in completing the project in a timely fashion and with the least disruption to the residents.

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