Redbridge Group

Wellington Road

Project Description

A three storey RC framed building located between two main roads and residential houses and flats on all four sides had to be demolished down to gf and basement slab with obstructions removed up to 4M in depth. A live substation had to be protected during works, temporary support works and scaffolding had to be installed to protect party walls and site boundaries. Plywood hoarding was erected on site boundary front and back Removal of materials had to controlled by traffic Marshalls at all times as site opened on to a red route.

Scope of work

Challenges Faced:

• The three-storey concrete framed building was
located between residential housing and two busy
main roads.
• Plywood hoarding was erected as per design.
• RD works involved erecting external scaffolding to
allow access / protection for work to progress.
A party wall had to remain, therefore structural
engineers were engaged to design temporary
support, this involved to casting support slabs and
erecting two steel towers from which raking shores
would connect to steel wailers on walls.

Project Gallery

Key Achievements

Liaison with local authorities on environmental issues, to ensure noise, dust and vibration levels were maintained. Ensure temporary designs approved and then installed as per programme. Working within limited space demolition of building had to be sequenced to ensure materials could be processed and then removed from site.

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