Specialist Design Services

Specialist design services at Redbridge are where spaces and layouts become a precise set of drawings, schedules and specifications, which communicate to the builder exactly what things are made of, where they are to be located, and how they work together to make up the building.

For less complicated schemes, it would be during this construction design phase that other consultants such as structural engineers or Mechanical and electrical engineers would be brought in to produce detailed drawings accurately describing the specialist design aspects of the scheme, along with other specialist consultants as required, including landscape architects, quantity surveyors, lighting designers etc.

For more complex projects with detailed specialist requirements, the appointment of specialist consultants may need to be considered at a much earlier stage; as their input is likely to have a significant impact upon the appearance, size and performance of the building.

Redbridge are also fully aware and conscious of our environmental obligations and on-going sustainability performance and strive to constantly improve our impact on the local and wider environment. Recycling rates, omissions etc. We hold the ISO4001 accreditation which we consider as a base line for our environmental standards.

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